Saturday, November 26, 2016

"I Bid You All A Very Fond Farewell..."

I am going to be taking a blogging break until sometime in January.  I will not be posting or commenting on any blogs.  I just need a bit of a break.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you next year!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Four Fictional Characters Tag // In Vlog Form

I was tagged by Phoebe to do the Four Fictional Characters Tag!!!  Thank you so much, Phoebe!!  My friend, Mary did a tag in vlog form on her blog. I thought that was a great idea!  So I decided to do one as well! :)

                                                              // Four Fictional Characters Tag // 

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they're like and why you believe they relate to you
3. Tag a few other blog people!  Three, or four, or even twenty. :) Share the fun!
Be sure to let them know you've tagged them!

Thank you so much, Phoebe!  I leave the tag open for anyone who would like to do it! :D And I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! :D  Many blessings~Morgan

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Lovely 1940s Fashion

Hey everyone!  Long time no see.  I am here to share with you all why I love the 1940s.  The 40s are my favorite decade.  I love the look that women wore back then.  So classic and lovely. I found all of these photos on Pinterest.

I love her dress!!! <3

A cute casual look.
I love the look of the girl on the left!  The beret and the outfit are so cute!  The ladies hat on the right is kind of funny! ;)

I love the skirt and shoes!  And the top and even her hair is cute.

I also think these gals are really cute.  I love shoes with ankle straps and I love how she paired them with capris.

And I love her look as well!

Isn't she cute?

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Blessings~Morgan


Monday, November 7, 2016

Book Review: A Portrait of Emily Price

Book Description

Art restorer Emily Price has never encountered anything she can’t fix—until she meets Ben, an Italian chef, who seems just right. When Emily follows Ben home to Italy, she learns that his family, however, is another matter . . .
Emily Price—fix-it girl extraordinaire and would-be artist—finds herself in Atlanta, repairing objects damaged in a house fire. As she works to restore the home and dreams of one family, she strives to keep the pieces of her own life in perfect order and secure her own happy ending—a gallery show of her own. There is no time for distractions, especially not the ultimate distraction of falling in love.
But Chef Benito Vassallo’s relentless pursuit proves hard to resist. Visiting from Italy, Ben works to reconnect with his brother and breathe new life into his aunt and uncle’s faded restaurant, Piccolo. And soon after their first meeting, he works to win Emily as well—inviting her into his world and into his heart.
Emily astonishes everyone when she accepts Ben’s proposal and follows him home. Upon landing in Rome, she is enchanted with Italy. But instead of allowing the land, culture and people to transform her, Emily imposes her will upon everyone and everything around her, alienating Ben’s tightly knit family. Only Ben’s father, Lucio, gives Emily the understanding she needs to lay down her guard. Soon, Emily’s life and art begin to blossom, and Italy’s beauty and rhythm take hold of her spirit.
Yet when she unearths long-buried family secrets, Emily wonders if she really fits into Ben’s world. Will the joys of Italy become just a memory, or will Emily share in the freedom and grace that her life with Ben has shown her are possible?


So I read Katherine Reay's first book, Dear Mr. Knightly.  And while I was reading it I realized that I could get her new book to review.  So I did.

This book was in all honesty, not that interesting.  There is a bit of a mystery as to why Lucio, Ben's dad is having Emily uncover a painted over painting at the church.  And why Joseph (Ben's brother) after graduating left home to come to Atlanta.  And some other things as well.  But it was not all that fascinating to me. 

Katherine Reay is a good writer, she presents things nicely and descriptively.  She does well in transforming characters throughout her books.  However, there is not a lot of "God" in the transformation, which is disappointing.  I love a radical change with a radical love for God in characters.  And hers are not like that. 

Overall this books is...ok.  I did like the ending I thought it finished nicely.  But I wish there was more Jesus in her books.  There was also a bit to much wine, if you ask me.  I understand they are "Italian,"  but I don't think it was necessary to do a wine tasting and then say that Joseph used to do it when he was a teenager.   Another thing was there was too much kissing before they got married.

Final note, this was not my favorite book.  I'll leave it with the pros, good writing, good transformation, and learning that not everything has to be "perfect".

2 out of 5 stars

*I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fall-Tastic Favorites Tag

Happy November everyone!!  I hope you are all having a great month so far.  I was tagged by my sister, Madison over on her blog to do the Fall-Tastic Favorites tag!  Thank you, dear!

1. Favorite Fall Holiday:

Thanksgiving, of course! ;D

2. Favorite Fall Dessert Ingredient: Carmel, Pumpkin or Pecan?

Honestly I like them all!  But if I have to choose just one probably pumpkin. 

3. Favorite Fall Movie:

Well, I like old horror movies.  And Nightmare Before Christmas has AMAZING music!  And the Peanuts Thanksgiving movie is really cute.

4. Favorite Fall Candle:

All of them?!  Umm...anything with apple is good. 

5. Favorite Fall Drink:

Coffee with peppermint mocha creamer (even though its kinda a Christmas creamer) or apple cider is always delicious!

6. Favorite Item of Clothing for the Fall:

I love it all, but my favorite would have to be sweaters.  So cozy.

7. Favorite Fall Outing/Activity:

Again, I love it all.  But my favorite would have to be Apple Hill.

8. Favorite Candy:

For chocolate, Twix is probably my favorite.  For "candy,"  it would have to be Skittles.  But I like a lot of others as well! :)

9. Favorite Fall Weather:

Cooler, breezy, foggy, rainy, all of it! ;D

10. Favorite at Home Meal:

All of them!  Soup is always good on a cool autumn day.

Thank you for tagging me, Madison!  I understand that quite a few of you ladies that I tagged are doing NaNo this month.  If you don't have time to do this tag, I totally understand.  I hope you all have an awesome month crafting your stories.  May the words come easily and smoothly for you all!  I myself, am not doing it. I do think it would be an interesting experience, someday.  However, if you can do the tag, please do.  And if I didn't tag you and you'd like to do it, please go for it!  Many blessings to you all and happy writing! :D

I tag:
Miss March

1. Favorite Fall Holiday:
2. Favorite Fall Dessert Ingredient: Carmel, Pumpkin or Pecan?
3. Favorite Fall Movie:
4. Favorite Fall Candle:
5. Favorite Fall Drink:
6. Favorite Item of Clothing for the Fall:
7. Favorite Fall Outing/Activity:
8. Favorite Candy:
9. Favorite Fall Weather:
10. Favorite at Home Meal: