Monday, August 17, 2015

The 5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag

The 5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag is from Bekah's blog.  Bekah tagged Olivia and Olivia left it open for anyone. 
So here it goes.

 List 5 things you like about how God made you (God made everything about you; the family you were born/adopted into, the fact that you enjoy the stuff you enjoy, your looks, your personality; everything. So, it can't be too hard to think of 5 things you love about how God made you. Right?)
2. Tagging other people/excepting a tag is optional
3. If you are tagged (and if you except), link back to the person who tagged you
4. Have fun!

      1.  My Family.  I love my family so much!  God has blessed me beyond belief!

      2.  I like my hair.  I am a natural blonde, with curly hair.

      3.  My love for music. 

      4.  Being able to change my voice to sound differently.  I'd love to do voice overs. :)

      5.  Being creative.  I have made felt dolls, sewn Christmas socks and embroidered
           all kinds of things.   I have also written some songs of my own.

      Thank you for reading!
       If you would like to do this, consider yourself tagged! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Music Tag!

                      So I decided to do a Tag, a music tag!  The rules are simple, you just answer the          
                      questions on your blog.
                      You can also put down one or more answer, that's what I did on some.
                      So here are the questions:
                        1.  Who is your favorite band or artist?

                        2.  Who is your favorite male singer?

                        3.  Who is your favorite female singer?

                        4.  What is your favorite "Type" of music?
                              ( Classical, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Christian, or Misc.)

                        5.  What is your favorite Musical?  (It can be a movie or on Broadway.)

                        6.  Have you ever seen a Musical performed on stage?

                        7.  What is your favorite duet song?

                        8.  What do you think is the best music score?

                        9.  Do you play any instruments?  If so, for how long?

                       10.  Have you ever been to a concert(s)?


                       And now I will answer my own questions.  Oh boy!  Here goes nothing!

                 1.  My favorite band is Third Day and my favorite artist is David Crowder.

                 2.  Some of my favorite male singers are;  Mac Powell, Kevin Max and Michael Buble.

                 3.  Some of my favorite female singers are; Crystal Lewis, Jodi Benson and Julie Andrews.

                 4.  My favorite type of music is a lot of different things!
                      I like Christian, Classical, Rock, Opera, some Rap (like Toby Mac and Lecrae)
                      and others!

                 5.  Favorite musical.  Well, I like a lot of musicals.  The Phantom of the Opera,
                         Mary Poppins, Into the Woods, Les Miserables and more!

                 6.  For plays I have seen the Jungle Book and The Phantom of the Opera on stage.
                       The Phantom of the Opera was amazing!
                 7.  My favorite duet song, I like All I Ask of You and A Whole New World.
                 8.  Best music score; Lord of the Rings, The Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars,
                         Star Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I could go on! :)

                 9.  Instruments, yes, I play the piano and I have been for over six years. 
                         I can also play some guitar.

                10.  Concerts I have been to:  Toby Mac, Third Day and I did see a concert where they
                           played the instruments and the movie played behind for The Lord of the Rings:
                           The Fellowship of the Ring.

                                       Bonus: One of my favorite Disney songs is Part of Your World. :)

                                  Thank you so much for reading!!
                                   I tag Olivia at Meanwhile in Rivendell. :D
                                  Anyone else who wants to join in, please feel free to! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some Lovely Pictures

These are just some random pictures that I really like.  I hope you like them too!
I love getting letters in the mail.  There is an excitement seeing that it is addressed to you.
This picture I thought was pretty neat, looking old and bound up.


                                              I love books, old cameras and this trunk\bag thing.
                                                            I think this is a neat picture.


                      I love old typewriters!  Especially this one with the flowers and its pink!
                                  I have an old typewriter sitting on my dresser and its black.

I have been playing piano for over six years.
The song that inspired me to play was Fur Elise by Beethoven, I think that its so beautiful!
 I like to play Lord of the Rings, Disney, Christian, Phantom of the Opera, Classical and others.

I just liked the color of this piano. :)
Hydrangea flowers.  Because they are so pretty!

                         Thanks for reading!  Let me know which picture was your favorite! :D

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Some things I love


                     Hello everyone!  I hope you are having an awesome day!  This post is pretty
                     self explanatory.  Its about a bunch of things I love.  Let me know if any of it
                     is stuff you love too!

             I mean who doesn't love Disney?!  I love going to Disneyland with my family.  It's so much  
             fun, has a great atmosphere and awesome food! :D
             It really is the happiest place on earth!

            My favorite princess of all time is...Cinderella!  Some of my favorite older Disney
            animations are Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Snow White.  For newer, I like Pixar movies
            such as Monsters Inc., Up and Toy Story, to name a few.

          Some of my favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien,  Francine Rivers and
          Frank Peretti.  Who are some of your favorites?


                 Old movies and actors.
                 The man above is Clark Gable.  One of the movies he played in was Gone with the Wind.
                 I think he's so handsome!  Let me know some of your favorite actors new or old!

        Fred Astaire's dancing.
       The best. dancer. ever. In my opinion.  If you have never seen him dance before you should!
       He's amazing!  He looks like he is walking on air.  Some movies I have seen him in are
       Holiday Inn, The Band Wagon, Daddy Long Legs and Funny Face.

       The Lord of the Rings.
       "Now then, where to begin?  Ah, yes!" I do not remember seeing the movie for the first time
        because I have seen it so many times since.  I just love it!  I have a map of Middle Earth
        hanging in my room.

       The moment you see the Shire and you hear the music, you just feel something.
       It's so beautiful.  The characters, you really connect with them.  Its like you are going with them
       on this grand adventure.  You feel their pain, sadness and joy. 

       At the end when all is said and done.  You feel sad.  That this great adventure is over again.
       I think we all long for some other world.  Its because we were not meant to be in this one
       forever.  There is a much better place that has no pain or sadness, only joy.

       And I for one can't wait to get there.  But for now I am going to enjoy the adventure of this life
       God has given me.  And I know that not all of it will be perfect, after all it isn't in the good
       stories anyway.   But I know God will never leave me nor forsake me.  Nor will He you.

        Thanks for reading!  If you would like, please feel free to comment down below. 
         It would make my day!  :D