Thursday, August 13, 2015

Music Tag!

                      So I decided to do a Tag, a music tag!  The rules are simple, you just answer the          
                      questions on your blog.
                      You can also put down one or more answer, that's what I did on some.
                      So here are the questions:
                        1.  Who is your favorite band or artist?

                        2.  Who is your favorite male singer?

                        3.  Who is your favorite female singer?

                        4.  What is your favorite "Type" of music?
                              ( Classical, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Christian, or Misc.)

                        5.  What is your favorite Musical?  (It can be a movie or on Broadway.)

                        6.  Have you ever seen a Musical performed on stage?

                        7.  What is your favorite duet song?

                        8.  What do you think is the best music score?

                        9.  Do you play any instruments?  If so, for how long?

                       10.  Have you ever been to a concert(s)?


                       And now I will answer my own questions.  Oh boy!  Here goes nothing!

                 1.  My favorite band is Third Day and my favorite artist is David Crowder.

                 2.  Some of my favorite male singers are;  Mac Powell, Kevin Max and Michael Buble.

                 3.  Some of my favorite female singers are; Crystal Lewis, Jodi Benson and Julie Andrews.

                 4.  My favorite type of music is a lot of different things!
                      I like Christian, Classical, Rock, Opera, some Rap (like Toby Mac and Lecrae)
                      and others!

                 5.  Favorite musical.  Well, I like a lot of musicals.  The Phantom of the Opera,
                         Mary Poppins, Into the Woods, Les Miserables and more!

                 6.  For plays I have seen the Jungle Book and The Phantom of the Opera on stage.
                       The Phantom of the Opera was amazing!
                 7.  My favorite duet song, I like All I Ask of You and A Whole New World.
                 8.  Best music score; Lord of the Rings, The Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars,
                         Star Trek and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I could go on! :)

                 9.  Instruments, yes, I play the piano and I have been for over six years. 
                         I can also play some guitar.

                10.  Concerts I have been to:  Toby Mac, Third Day and I did see a concert where they
                           played the instruments and the movie played behind for The Lord of the Rings:
                           The Fellowship of the Ring.

                                       Bonus: One of my favorite Disney songs is Part of Your World. :)

                                  Thank you so much for reading!!
                                   I tag Olivia at Meanwhile in Rivendell. :D
                                  Anyone else who wants to join in, please feel free to! :)


  1. Eeeep, thanks! I was hoping you'd tag me:D

    This is an awesome tag! Very interesting, and I can't wait to answer all the questions:)


    1. I didn't hit reply....oops. My reply is bellow. Teehee ;)

  2. Thank YOU!! I enjoyed reading your answers!! :D

    YES MUSICALS FOREVER!!! Right now I am watching Singing in the Rain for the first time! :)