Dragon Fire:

King Ezzar of Lalonin invades and takes captive the peaceful forest people the Jhewn.  A people who serve The Creator and worship Him alone.  When three of these Elf like people, a women and two men are brought before the King, they are put to the ultimate test. To obey the King or pay the price for what they believe in.  When the King tells you to do something, you do it.  If you refuse, you are thrown into...Blaze.  This is a story of true faith, hope, and love. 


The Tecupp:

Tulip Totter isn't like the other Tecupps.  Not only does she look different, but she has a longing to go beyond the boarders that are placed by the Elders.  When her friend, Ol Owl comes to visit the Tecupps home tree.  Everything changes.  Tulip is drawn into the stories the Ol Owl tells of adventure.  And soon she makes her move.  Will the world prove to be too dangerous for a tiny Tecupp?  Or will she find the courage she has always had inside.

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