Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hey guys!  I would like to share with you all some headers that I will be using this year.  A little preview of what is to come.  Though there are more I have, these are some of my favorites.  Maybe even an old header will come back.  I never seem to have the same one very long.  I like to mix it up. :)



Let me know which is your favorite!  Blessings, Morgan


  1. These are lovely! Hmmmm, the first one MIGHT be my favorite, actually, no, the second, but I love all of them. :)

  2. Oh, they are all so gorgeous!!! I love them. :) I love the second one, because Elizabeth and Frodo and Lucy... But the last one is so blue and lovely, and the first so dreamy... I look forward to seing which one you use first!!

  3. Eeeep! I LOVE all your headers! They are SO GORGEOUS! I especially love the second one (because all my favorite characters are READING which obviously makes it awesome!) I can hardly wait to see all the new headers you use :D