Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Libraries and Comfy Chairs

Hello everyone!  So I have come to share with you all some lovely libraries I found on Pinterest and some comfy, cute looking chairs to go with it.  Though not all of them look like they "go together".  I hope you enjoy looking through the photos.  :)

So rustic and charming.

This one has elegant written all over it.

Ahh I love it!

YES!  But I would probably not have the books on the floor.  I like everything nice and neat. :)

If you are going to have one why not put in a secret door?

This one is so quaint and cozy.

Beast's library perhaps?  I LOVE it!!

As you can tell I really like the dark ones with wood and leather. :)

Yup.  I love it.

Here's one a bit brighter.  So pretty!

And of course the winding stairs.  (sounds a bit like Gollum to me, "The winding stairs".)

I love tufted chairs.  And this one you can recline on if you so desire.

Ahh so stinking cute!!  I love the material and body shape.

Of course, I have to have my leather in there. :)

How convenient this one already has some books nearby.

It's so fluffy!  And it has a nice pink blanket to curl up with.

Love the blue!

Super cute.  Has some refreshment and books handy.

I thought this one was really cute and spunky.  Love the little touches of color.

And that's it everyone!  Thanks for checking it out!  Blessings!

Which library was your favorite? (it can be more than one.:))

Which chair did you think was the comfiest looking?

Which chair was the cutest?


  1. This is a lovely post. I love books and the chairs are beautiful!

  2. Ooh! I think the pink armchair was my favorite, or maybe the really light blue one. I also think the last one is really adorable xD The first library, one of the bigger ones, or the one with the winding staircase, probably!

    1. I thought the last chair was cute, too. :) Yes, to all the libraries!! XD Thanks, Olivia!!

  3. Oh my goodness, THIS POST. Just...I'm trying to drink in all the beauty right now. (Because books + comfy chairs = happiness.) I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but I adore the last two libraries. Winding staircases are so dreamy. As far as my favorite chair goes...probably the pink one. But I also love the pale blue one and the last one. Basically, give me any of these chairs (or libraries) and I'd be happy.

    Lovely post, Morgan! (And your new blog look is swoonworthy! <333)

    1. Thank you, Mary!! Yes, winding staircases are dreamy.
      HERE HERE! Give me any of these chairs or libraries and I would be sooo happy! :)

      Thank you so much!! :DD