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Book Review ~ Some Small Magic

Publisher's Description

From acclaimed author Billy Coffey comes Some Small Magic, "a story of determination and love . . . that deserves to be read" (RT Book Reviews).
All Abel wants is a little bit of magic in his life. Enough money so his mom doesn’t cry at night. Healing for his broken body. And maybe a few answers about his past.
When Abel discovers letters to him from the father he believed dead, he wonders if magic has come to the hills of Mattingly, Virginia, after all. But not everything is as it seems.
With a lot of questions and a little bit of hope, Abel decides to run away to find the truth. But danger follows him from the moment he jumps his first boxcar, forcing Abel to rely on his simpleminded friend Willie—a man wanted for murder who knows more about truth than most—and a beautiful young woman they met on the train.
From Appalachia to the Tennessee wilds and through the Carolina mountains, the name of a single small town beckons: Fairhope. That is where Abel believes his magic lays. But will it be the sort that will bring a broken boy healing? And is it the magic that will one day lead him home
*be prepared for spoilers*

This book in a word would be...sad. For most of the book it felt like it was dragging on.  I didn't like the beatings and being bullied that Abel got.  He has brittle bones and is small.  He has one leg that is shorter then the other and kind of hobbles to walk.  The bully boy, Chris is mean to him and says "I'm goin to kill you."  And one night he tries, but Abel's only friend, Dumb Willie, kills Chris first.  Yikes.  Dumb Willie is called "dumb" because he is more childlike in a grown mans body.  He is slow in words, but loves Abel. 

The "beautiful woman" they meet on the train is actually...Death.  But Abel and Dumb Willie don't know that (Dumb Willie knows way before Abel) and Abel calls her Dorothy.  It is a long story and I'm not going into all the details, but lets just say it is a sad and rather odd book.  I don't really get the point in it. Since this book is getting the lowest rating I have ever given, I'm going to point out some of the things I didn't like.  I mentioned some the things above.

There is this preacher who gives Abel a "word".  But when he does the description of what happens sounded demonic to me.  I didn't like that.  The word bastard is used quite a bit.  And another word I loathe, retarded.  It wasn't necessary and I don't like it. 

When Abel first meets Dorothy (Death) he kind of looks her over.  Apparently, her shirt was a little unbuttoned and his eyes travel to two humps (boobs)as he tries to hold his Blatter.  Um...what in the world?!  Then, later on she is wearing a cross body bag with the strap between her...you know what, and Abel wishes he was that strap.  Guys, he's eleven, seriously? Was that necessary?  When Dumb Willie gets into a pond he is completely naked.  Dorothy (Death) jumps in with all her clothes on, to Abel's disappointment.  Then the last one, which isn't as bad as the first three, is when the wind is playing with her hair and Abel wishes he could do that.  Eventually, he tells her he loves her.

There is this weird "magical" pond that they eventually get to that is protect by a Cherokee Indian.  If you go in it you get healed then the water turns to mud.  This pond is in a dump.  It was just odd.

Okay, I'll leave it at that.  The only good thing about this book, besides finishing it, was when Abel gets to see his dad at the end.  That's it. 

Overall, I don't recommend this book.  I found it slow, odd, and sad.  I'm just glad I finished it.

1 out of 5 stars

*I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review

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