Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Book Review // The Assault

Publisher's Description

The Next Wave of Stories in the Harbingers Series Arrives

Cycle 2 of the Harbingers series continues the story of four gifted strangers brought together to fight a growing darkness.

In Bill Myers's "The Revealing," the team finds themselves in Rome trying to retrieve the mystical spear Hitler once owned--the very spear that pierced Christ's side. This task will take them from hidden chambers inside the Vatican to a mysterious seaside cave with powers they could never expect.

Frank Peretti's "Infestation" unleashes a microscopic evil on the world that deceives, blinds, kills, then spreads. The Harbingers team must confront a monster bent on seducing and destroying mankind.

In "Infiltration" by Angela Hunt, the team is wounded and barely holding together. Forced to split up, they realize their investigations have led them into dangerous waters.

Alton Gansky's "The Fog" unleashes a supernatural mist unlike any other. There are vicious things in the fog that kill whatever they find. One team member realizes that the ultimate sacrifice may have to be made.
I reviewed the first 'cycle' of these books, Invitation and loved it.  When I saw that I could get the second 'cycle', The Assault to review, you bet I requested it.  
If you don't know, these four authors, Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky teamed up to each write from their characters point of view, each with a completely different story.  
The Reveling by Bill Myers. 
In Bill Myers book, he writes as Brenda, the tough tattoo artist.  This book is set in Rome.  From the Vatican to the underground catacombs and back up to the beach where a strange familiar house lies.  The team experience's strange things inside the house and beyond.  A fast paced, exciting adventure for sure. 
Infestation by Frank Peretti.
Frank Peretti writes from the Professor's point of view.  When the Professor finds out his assistant, Andi is in an Mental Facility in Florida, him and Brenda go to find out what happened.  Of course, Tank does show up.  Andi is seeing things they can't and she acts like they aren't there.  This book was probably my favorite of the four.  It was very interesting and kind of creepy at the same time. But that's what I liked about it.   Super interesting, fast-paced book.
Infiltration by Angela Hunt.
Angela Hunt writes as Andi.  The Professor's smart assistant who sees patterns everywhere.  After what happened in Infestation, Andi isn't quite herself yet.  The team stays at a house the Professor has rented out, learning more about their enemy and recuperating a bit.  I didn't like that Andi got hypnotized, but Tank was against as was Daniel.  But in the end, it was bad idea.  And I don't think she'll do that again.  Otherwise, another interesting book.
The Fog by Alton Gansky
Alton Gansky writes as Tank, a big loveable ex football player.  He is the only one in the team that believes in Jesus (I don't know about Daniel.  He is a ten year old who sees angels and doesn't talk much).  In The Fog, the team is in San Diego.  They go to a party of a retiring architect.  It's in a tall building and after an earthquake there appears a fog down below.  But what is in the fog is far more disturbing.  There are monsters that swim through the fog and...basically eat people.  And soon the fog is steadily rising. Through an act of bravery, Tank risks his life to save others.
These books are fast-paced, fascinating and edge of your seat thrillers.  They are a cross between sci-fi and thriller. One thing that did bother me was that in 'The Revealing', the Professor asks someone if they are "part of a special needs program," because they were saying he couldn't see someone.  I didn't appreciate him saying that.  Otherwise, I enjoy these books very much.  I hope they keep going.  
5 out of 5 stars
*I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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