Monday, August 17, 2015

The 5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag

The 5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag is from Bekah's blog.  Bekah tagged Olivia and Olivia left it open for anyone. 
So here it goes.

 List 5 things you like about how God made you (God made everything about you; the family you were born/adopted into, the fact that you enjoy the stuff you enjoy, your looks, your personality; everything. So, it can't be too hard to think of 5 things you love about how God made you. Right?)
2. Tagging other people/excepting a tag is optional
3. If you are tagged (and if you except), link back to the person who tagged you
4. Have fun!

      1.  My Family.  I love my family so much!  God has blessed me beyond belief!

      2.  I like my hair.  I am a natural blonde, with curly hair.

      3.  My love for music. 

      4.  Being able to change my voice to sound differently.  I'd love to do voice overs. :)

      5.  Being creative.  I have made felt dolls, sewn Christmas socks and embroidered
           all kinds of things.   I have also written some songs of my own.

      Thank you for reading!
       If you would like to do this, consider yourself tagged! :D


  1. (Prepare for caps.) ASKSLFKJFBSKISKALALSHDBJZKSLSLAKJKLHKL THE HEADER THE HEADER!!!!! What--I just can't--YOU KNOW ROBIN HOOD?! YOU KNOW ROBIN HOOD!!! And FARAWYN!!!! And Han and Leia! And Gil and Anne! And just...gahhhhh.

    *ahem* Seriously, though, the fact that you included some of my top fandoms aside, this is gorgeous. HOW CAN YOU BE SO GOOD AT MAKING HEADERS WHEN YOU'VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR SO SHORT A TIME?!?! Not faaaaaiiiirrrr...

    Anywho. Sorry for the outburst. I'm just seriously starstruck (and awestruck!) by the new look!:D

    Great answers for the tag; thanks for doing it!:)

    1. I just now saw this!! Thank you!! You are so sweet!
      I am so glad you like it!! :)
      I figured out how to make them and made quite a it might change again eventually! ;)
      Yes! I love Robin Hood! I basically started watching it beacuse of Richard Armatige. ;)
      Farawyn is awesome! They are my favorite LOTR couple. I wish they had more screen time, but I do love the extended edition sweet!!
      Han and Leia...yes!! And I love Anne and Gil sooo much!! :D
      Thank you again!! :D

  2. Thanks so much for doing the tag :)
    And, gracious, girl.... that's one sick header!! So cool!!!

    Voiceovers? Sweet sauce!! I've tried those, but I just can't do them....

    ~Bekah the Bookworm

    1. Thank you for commenting!
      I am glad you like the header! :D

      I love changing my voice, and I like doing accents, too. :)