Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Space...the Final Frontier...

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a great day.  Yesterday and over the weekend, I watched Star Trek behind the scenes/gag reel with my mom and sister.  (The ones by J.J. Abrams.)  It makes you realize how much work goes into making movies.  They did a fantastic job! I also watched both of the newer movies, which I have seen before....just wanted to watch them again.

I love Star Trek, but I don't think I would have watched it if it weren't for my Mom.  She watched the original TV show when she was a little girl and has always loved it.  She has collected toys, to seeing the first movie in the theater.  She loves it like I love Lord of the Rings.  Just a heads up if you haven't seen the movies before, be prepared for some spoilers ahead.  :)

                                                The original three.  My favorite characters!

Mr.Spock, Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. McCoy.  They are just the best! 
You can't help but love them all, but for different reasons.  So allow me to elaborate my feelings for  each of these awesome guys.  I will also be using pictures from the new movies and old TV show. 
 And I might as well go in order of the photo above.


Let's start with Mr. Spock, shall we?
Mr. Spock is Vulcan, so he is the logical one of the group.
You can't help but love the guy, I mean, he's funny in his own 'straight face' sort of way and a friend you would want in real life.  He is super intelligent and I love the way he talks. 
He also has pointy ears...which someone else in another fandom I love also has, though they are a different kind of point. (*whispers* Legolas)

There are so many quotable sayings in these movies!  Kirk and Spock are so funny!  Though they are being totally serious.  When is Spock not serious?

 Now let's move on to the Captain himself.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...
Captain James T. Kirk.
  Now here is a guy who obviously loves adventure. In the TV series he was always going down to the planets, then something bad would happen.  But they always got out of it one way or another. 

 In the movies he is prideful, arrogant and in the words of Captain Pike,
"...and you don't respect the chair."  Ouch.  But you can see at the end of the movie and even during it, he really does love his crew. 
 As Khan said, "My crew is my family, Kirk.  Is there anything you would not do for your family?" 
 Kirk proves that his love for his family (crew) is so strong that he will risk everything in order to save them.  He willingly died (not really) so that they may live.

Also, Chris Pine does a fantastic job playing Kirk!
I noticed that William Shatner has brown eyes and Chris has really blue ones.  Though they still do resemble each other, I think.

Over all, Kirk is a good guy.  He would do anything for his crew and wants to do what's right, even if that means breaking a few rules along the way.

Dr. Leonard McCoy, also known as Bones.
I love this guy to pieces!!  He so funny and just plain awesome!
If you have never watched these movies are missing out!
Now Bones has an interesting relationship with Spock.  One time in the movie Spock was agreeing with Bones (which is not normal) so he said to Spock, "Don't agree with me, Spock, it makes me very uncomfortable."  He is also funny with Kirk, too.

The actor that plays him in the new movies you may recognize as this guy.

Yup.  He plays Eomer from The Lord of the Rings. 
I was freaking out when I first heard that it was him years ago.  I think that it's awesome to have a guy from my fandom in Star Trek.  He does an AMAZING job as Bones!!  And of course, as Eomer, too.

Conclusion.  These guys are just plain awesome, no joke.  They have a great relationship with one another. To be able to joke around and all that, but also to care deeply about one other.
I will say, though, I do think that Spock and Bones are not as close, as Kirk is to them and them to him. 

As a final note, after watching the behind the scenes and all that stuff, I actual love and appreciate the movies even more.  They are so awesome! 

Well thank you all for reading!!  Let me know who your favorite Star Trek characters are and if we have the same ones!

  Blessings, Morgan.



  1. I haven't seen either version yet, so I skimmed this post, but…Lord of the Rings <3 :D

  2. Oh, I really like Star Trek! (I only saw the new one)

    Ok, so I totally didn't recognize, well, the guy who played Eomer. That shocked me so much!! I kinda silently freaked out. Because, now that I see it, they totally look alike. Besides the hair length and color difference.... Well you get the picture.

    1. Yes, the hair is completely different. But it looks good both ways! :) I really like him as an actor.