Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The C.S. Lewis Tag!

So today I am going to be doing Abby's C.S. Lewis Tag!  Even though C.S. Lewis week is over, we will never forget the wonderful author who has inspired us, encouraged us, and has shown through his work the love of Christ.  Fun fact, C.S. Lewis was born in the year 1898 and I was born in the year 1998, one hundred years later.


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1. How did you hear about C. S. Lewis?
 I don't remember a specific time that I heard about him, you just kind of know, you know?

 2. What was the first of his books that you read?

The first one I read on my own was The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe.  My Mom has read some of the others to me, and my Dad has, too.

 3. Which one of his book(s) is your favorite?
I like all of them, but these are my favorites, in no specific order; The Horse and His Boy, The Last Battle, and Mere Christianity.

 4. Describe what you feel when you read his books.
Excited, joyful, happy, and sad, especially when it is over.  Like a good tea that you want to get the last drop and then it is gone.  The good thing is is that you can always brew more, or read it again. :)
 5. How have you been touched or impacted by his works?
I love that he has put in Jesus in such an impacting way.  It is definitely not pushy at all and yet it is still so evident.  He has shown me to never lose faith, everything will turn out all right in the end.  That you don't ever have to be afraid, stand up for what is right.  And above all, never stop seeking the One who loves you with all of His heart.

 6. What would you say to anyone who hasn't read any of his books?
They are wonderful, you should definitely read them!  He did so much more then just fantasy, which in my opinion are still scrumptious.  He wrote things that make you think.  Really think.  And that is good, you don't always need to be entertained by a book or movie, sometimes its good to get your brain going and take in all that is happening.

 7. If you could write a letter to Jack, thanking him, or asking him questions, what would it be? (show us as your answer.)

Dear Mr. Lewis,
I have enjoyed reading your work, immensely.  You have brought into words things that are to hard for others to do.  Thank you for sharing your work with the world, the Good Lord knows we all need it.  You have a wonderful gift, and I can't wait to read more of your books. 
Thank you for reading!  As for the tagging, I leave it open for any one who wants to.  Enjoy!

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