Thursday, February 11, 2016

When Calls the Heart

So I just finished watching season 2 for When Calls the Heart.  It has been a year since I watched season 1 and I barely watched any of season 2 when it aired last year.  I am so glad that Netflix gets it so I could watch all of season 2.  All of that to say, I would like to express some of my feelings that I have going on for this show.

My favorite character is probably not hard to guess, it is...Jack Thornton.  Surprised?  I have forgotten how much I love Jack since I haven't watched it in so long.  He is so sweet, kind, and brave.  And his smile...ah.

Me when I see Jack.

                                                                                    Couples I ship so hard.

Lee and Rosemary.  O my goodness, are these two perfect for each other or what!  They just match up so nicely.  Rosemary being so dramatic and bigger than life, and Lee who is a nice guy and loves Rosemary for her spunkiness.  *SPOILER* When Lee fakes that he is going out with Molly Sullivan and Rosemary gets so jealous was awesome!  *END OF SPOILER*  I will be honest, Rosemary is not my favorite but she is very entertaining if nothing else.  I love these two together, end of story.

Pastor Frank and Abigail.  True, for a time I did like her with Bill Avery but I like her much better with Frank.  Plus Bill is out of the question.  Frank and Abigail look good together, both like to fish and they confide in one another.  Abigail is so sweet and deserves someone just as kind.  I think they are adorable and I hope they become an actual "couple."

These two couples are my personal favorites.  Moving on. 
Henry Gowen.  Now for me sometimes there are bad guys that I like or feel sorry for and what not, with Gowen that is not the case.  I cannot stand him!  True, he adds more drama and is a bad guy but there is enough drama without adding him into the picture.  I wish he would GO AWAY!!  Aghhh.  I don't like him. 
Gowen  and  me.
<b>anna</b> punches <b>hans</b>
Me and Gowen.
Yah, I guess you can tell I really don't like him. 
When Calls the Heart show and me.
Overall I really love this show, guys.  It's clean and good.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it yet.  Can you tell I'm liking using gifs?  I finally figured out how to do it and I must say it is a lot easier then I thought it would be. I guess that is all for now.  Thank you for reading!  Blessings, Morgan


  1. AAAHHHH!!!! When Calls the Heart! Oh my goodness, I could talk about this show for days. I wuvs it so much <3

    JACK. He is amaaazing. I can't even put into words how much I love that Mountie. (And yes, I have stared at pictures of him before. *cough* No shame.)

    My personal favorite couple is Jack and Elizabeth, although I must admit that I like Rosemary and Lee a lot as a couple. (Though Rosemary is downright infuriating at times :P)

    Ugh, Gowen. JUST NO.

    I loved this post, Morgan! When Calls the Heart is one of my favorite TV shows.

    1. I know right? He is just so awesome. I love him too. <3

      I agree, Rosemary can be infuriating at times.

      Thank you so very much, Mary!! It is one of my favorites as well. <3

  2. This was awesome. You sum up my feelings about the whole show! I was so glad when Lee showed up. I was like "A distraction for Rosemary!!" And it worked :D She's such a crazy person :P

    I think we all agree Charles needs to jump off a cliff. I mean, he's nice and all, but get a grip. Elizabeth says, 'sorry I shouldn't be leading you on.' And he goes, 'I'll decide when we're done' and then dares to show back up? What is wrong with him? He needs to take a hint. Besides Jack is like 100x cuter. Charles is like Tom Cruise's ugly brother. Sorry, but he just kind of bugs me in case you cant' tell! But he's nice at the same time. GRRR

    And Gowan? Yeah. Exactly what you said. He's such a weasel.

    *end of rant*

    1. Oh oh oh. And definitely Abigail and the pastor. I never like Bill Avery and now he really bugs me. And his wife? Ew.

    2. YES!! Rosemary is a crazy person, but she is entertaining. ;) Tom Cruise's ugly brother! That's so funny! Now that you mention it, he kind of does look like that. ;D

      I love Jack!! End of story. YES!! Gowan is such a weasel.
      I don't like Bill Avery's wife either! She is so annoying.

      Thank you! :D