Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bookcase Tour!!!

YES!  Today is the day I am going to be showing ya'll my bookcase!!!!   I have had my bookcase for about...ten months now?  Before I had my bookcase I stored all of my books on smaller bookcases in my closet.  I couldn't enjoy looking at them in there so I decided that I would like a big bookcase to have out in my room. 

I found my bookcase on Craigslist, me my dad and brother went and got it.  It was black, which doesn't go with my room, AT ALL!  So, my Daddy painted it a nice creamy color for me.  It matches my room perfectly!!!  As the months have rolled by, I have gotten new knick-knacks to display on it (of course, new books, too) and I am so happy with how it looks.  I still can't fit ALL of my books on it, so some still remain in my closet.  ;)  And now the moment you have all been waiting for, I present to bookcase. (I apologize in advance for not great picture quality)

At the top of my bookcase I have some vintage suitcases with vintage hats on top.  Next to them I have three vintage cameras.

The top shelf is the only shelf that I have read ever single book on it.  From book reviews to just...books I read. ;)  For décor, I have two vintage cameras.

My second shelf from the top has books I haven't read and or finished reading. For knick-knacks I have another vintage hat, a metal sewing machine (it's cool and rusted), a crocheted tea pot (that is supposed to be an ornament, but I like it as décor), and a vintage tin container (I LOVE vintage tins!!). 

The third shelf contains my vintage/old books.  I love me some old books!!! <3

Ahhh...the fourth shelf.  This shelf contains my beloved Tolkien and Lewis books.  I collect different copies of LOTR and I'm up to five different copies of The Hobbit. :D  As for decorations, I have a neat container that looks like a vintage camera, with a Mickey Mouse pen in it I got from Mexico.  On the opposite side I have another vintage camera (can you tell I like em'?) and the little brown pouch?  Inside of it is a little thingy that I believe is for a camera to help it with the flash, something like that.

The fifth shelf....It's blurry.  I apologize.  Anyways, this shelf is a cross between classical and fairytales (and Melanie Dickerson).  For décor, there is this little boy on a bicycle and on the other end is notepad paper that comes out of a box that looks like a typewriter. 

And the sixth and final shelf contains...a mix of different things.  From more classical to Janette Oke and hiding behind King Raven is Frank Pretti and others.  Really just a miscellaneous shelf.

And the overall view, along with a glimpse into my room. Well I hope you enjoyed getting a peek at some of my books. And I also hope you have a great day!!  Blessings ~ Morgan


  1. Hi Morgan,

    I love your bookcase and how big it is! I like all the vintage items, too, especially the suitcase. :)
    Thank you for showing it.


    1. Hey Ashley!!

      Thank you so very much!! :D

      Hope you have a great day!! :)

  2. Morgan that's pretty awesome! You and your vintage. It's pretty cool. XD You have a lot of book! I have a lot of books too, but not enough for a bookshelf all my own. Sure a few shelves, but not yet a whole bookshelf. And most of those books are actually my personal writing (not published). I have a total of 37 journals (ALL IN USE! I am not a journal hoarder) so that uses a lot of space. XD. I'd love to have my own bookshelf. I'd buy a lot more books, but most of the time I order from the library, so I only own a few REALLY AMAZING books. And only like one or two are fiction. I have a lot of Christian living books that need to be underlined in places, so can't just be a library borrow.

    Anyway, excuse the rambling. Awesome post.:)

    1. Thank you, Libby!! Yeah, I wuvs it. <3 <3 Thanks! :D You'll get there!! Woah...37 journals?!!! That's AMAZING!!!! :O I love journals, but I tend to just...leave them blank most often. ;D It's awesome that you fill em' up!! You go girl!!! :D

      Please, ramble away! :D Thank you for the awesome comment, Libby!! Hope you have a great weekend!! :D

  3. Wow. You DO like vintage cameras, don't you? ;) Really though, that is so cool! And your bookshelf looks awesome! <3 I love all the knick-knacks. That box of notepad paper that looks like a typewriter is really unique and fun! :) Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day, Morgan!

    1. Yeah...just a wittle. ;D Thank you so much, Miss March!! <3 Yes, I have a thing for knick-knacks. I just love em'. <3 Thank you for the lovely comment, dear!!!

      Thank you!! And the same to you, Miss March!!! :D

  4. AHHHHH YOUR BOOKSHELF IS SO AWESOME!! Eep! Books are just my favorite thing EVER. <3 (And I just got a new bookshelf a couple months ago which I may or may not be obsessed with...ahem. ;D)

    I love that you decorated all the shelves with vintage cameras and hats and knickknacks. You have the cutest style, dear. <3

    OLD BOOKS AND TOLKIEN BOOKS YESSSSS. I have probably way too many of both of those. ;)

    This was such a lovely post, Morgan! I'm sorry I'm so late in commenting...but I'm pretty sure you're used to that by now, haha. :P Anyway, I loved seeing your bookshelf--it's perfect!!

    1. AWW, THANK YOU, MARY!!!! Yes, books are awesome!!! <3 That's awesome!! :D

      Thank you so much, dear!! <3 :D

      YESSS, PRECIOUS!!! Love em'!!! :D

      Thank you, my friend!!! No worries! Sorry I'm so late in publishing/responding. I just now saw it! ;) Thank you again!! :D Hope you have a wonderful week!! :D <3