Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Haul!

So Christian Book Distributors a couple of weeks ago were having a book sale.  Lot's of the books were really great deals, so I got the eight you see above.  I have read four of them and I am working on a fifth.  The ones I have read so far are:  Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke, So Shines the Night by Tracy L. Higley, Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis, and Sooner Sunset by Janet Lee Barton.

  Have any of you guys read any of the Heartsong Presents books?  They are really cute, short, and sweet love stories.

Speaking of which...

Remind you of someone???

Scary how much they look alike!

I have already read this one, Promise of Time.  But, is it just me, or does he look like Richard Armitage?  I think he does!  I kind of freaked out when I saw that. 

Any who, I hope you guys liked this little book haul.  Have you read any of these?   Blessings!


  1. Ooh, you saw the sale, too? I bought several of the Goldstone Wood books because they were really cheap. To console myself for my lack of reading time, I have resorted to stroking their covers. They're really quite beautiful.

    I haven't read any of these books actually. What do you think of the ones you've read so far? I'm always on the lookout for new books...even if I have far too many to read as it is. :P

    OH MY GRACIOUS THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM. I swear, the sideburns, the expression, the hair...EVERYTHING. It's scary how much they look alike. O_O

    Loved seeing this! I may have to do a book haul of my own to show off all my new beauties. ^_^

    1. I have liked all of them so far, you can't go wrong with Janette Oke. So Shines the Night reminded me a little of The Apocalypse Diaries by John Hagee, and Forever Friday and Sooner Sunset were both cute as well.

      I know what you mean! I have a bunch of books to read, but I am always up to getting more! One can never have to many books! :D

      I KNOW RIGHT?! I went on the hunt to find a picture of him to compare to and I thought this one was perfect! So trippy how much they look alike! O_O

      Thank you so much! Please do! I would love to see your new babies. ;D

  2. Oh my goodness! That does look like him! Right now, he's my favorite actor, so thanks for the pic. :) I love book hauls too. :D

    1. I think so, too! He is a great actor! Thank you so much, Phoebe! Welcome to The Day the Lord has Made! :D

  3. O.O That's creepy. They look so alike! xD

    Isn't it awesome when one can get a great book haul? :D I've read parts of So Shines the Night. I must admit it scared me :P What did you think of it?

    I've never heard of the Heartsong Presents books, but they sound good :)

    1. Yes, they sure do!! :)

      I love book hauls. Especially when you get the package in the mail...ahh. :D So Shines the Night isn't my favorite book, but it was alright. It did have some freaky parts. My favorite parts were with Paul. I was always so happy when he was in the picture. :)

      They are really good! Especially if you want a quick read and they are pretty reasonable. Sometimes you can get them on sale for like 50 cents!

      Thank you!! :D

  4. Oooh, I've read Where Trust Lies! Great book! Have you read any others by Janette Oke? I LOVE her books!!

    I love your header! And your blog name!


    1. Hi Hannah! Nice to meet you! Yes, Janette Oke does great books! I have read Where Courage Calls and the Prairie Legacy books 1-4. They were really good! Any others of her's you would recommend? I have seen some of the Love Comes Softly movies, but I have never read any of the books.

      Thank you so much!! :D

      Welcome to The Day the Lord has Made, Hannah!!! :DD

    2. That is so cool you've read those books! I have read a ton of Janette Oke and you can look on my Goodreads account to see which... :)

      Thank you SO much for following my blog! I love yours as well! >3

    3. I just opened an account! :) I will go and find you!

      Thank you so much!!! Your blog is pretty! <3