Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Hankie - A Poem by Me

So, this is my 50th post!!!  Thank you everyone for all of your comments and kind words.  You'll never know how much they mean to me. <3  I thought I would share this poem I wrote last month.  I like writing poems,  tis fun!  Anyways,  here you go...

                                                                      "The Hankie"
                                                                By Morgan LuaAnn

                                                            There once was a Hankie
                                                            Plain and white
                                                            It belonged to a little girl
                                                           Who had no sight

                                                           One day the little girl tripped
                                                           And fell
                                                           The Hankie tried so hard to

                                                           But the little girl could not see
                                                           So she gentle felt the ground
                                                           The Hankie tried to tell the girl where
                                                           He lay, but alas!  There was no sound

                                                           She felt and felt for as long as
                                                           She might
                                                           But she could not do much with her
                                                           Loss of sight

                                                           So she got up and felt her way
                                                           And now our little Hankie is
                                                           All alone...

                                                           When the girl got home she cried
                                                            To her Dad
                                                            And told him what happened to her Hankie
                                                            And how she was sad
                                                            Her Dad took her by the hand
                                                            And told her to show him on what sort
                                                            Of land

                                                            She led him right to the spot
                                                            By feeling her way, a brave
                                                            Little, tot

                                                            Her Father crouched down to look
                                                            All around
                                                            And saw her Hankie down on the

                                                            He picked it up and dried her
                                                            Gave it to her and said,
                                                            "Don't cry"

                                                            The Hankie was so glad to be back
                                                             In her pocket             
                                                            With the little girl romping around
                                                             Like a rocket

                                                                         The End


  1. Happy 50th post!! The poem is so cute ;)

  2. So cute! I really enjoyed this, Morgan! :) Alas, I have no skills with writing poetry...

    And congratulations on your 50th post! Whoop whoop! I feel so blessed to have you as my friend, and I of course love your blog. (And the new blog look? 'TIS BEAUTIFUL.) Here's to many, many more posts in the future! :D

    1. Thank you very much, Mary!! :)

      I feel blessed to have you as my friend, too. =D I love your blog as well. <3 Thank you so much, m'dear!! :D Your a great friend! :D

  3. Congrats on 50 posts! And your poem is great. =) I like writing poetry too sometimes...

    1. Thank you, Emily!! Aww, thank you so much!! =D Isn't it fun? I even do ones that sound like a Cat in the Hat book. :)

  4. AWWWWWWWW. I wuvs it :D As everyone else is saying, congratulations on reaching fifty posts! Your friendship means a lot to me, too <3