Thursday, October 6, 2016

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Pet Dragon // Guest Post by Mary

Hi guys!  So today is an exciting day!  Today I am sharing with you all my first guest post!  And who is this person who wrote an AWESOME post for my lil blog?  Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present my awesome, talented friend, Mary!!!!! *hands over mic*


Hullo there! My name is Mary, and I'm the brilliant mind behind Sunshine and Scribblings. My dear friend Morgan was kind enough to allow me to explode with nonsense over on her blog, so I naturally had to write an awesome post in payment. 

Thus why this post is here to convince you that you obviously need a pet dragon. Because seriously, why don't you have a pet dragon? Something is definitely wrong here.

Luckily for you, I'm going to bring happiness to your life in the form of dragons. Sit back and enjoy, peasants.

1.) They can get you food.

I mean...does this even need an explanation? You can just sit around and be awesome all day and let your pet bring you food. Bonus points if it's cookies.

2.) They can protect your books.

Every good bookdragon obviously needs a pet dragon to protect all the books. THIS IS LOGICAL, PEOPLE. Whenever someone you don't trust with your life (aka books) comes over and tries to borrow your precious books, you can casually drop the hint that you have a pet dragon who guards the bookshelves. Voila! Problem solved.

3.) They're ridiculously cute.

Case in point.

4.) They might lead you to Middle Earth.

This is always a good thing because portals are very shy and like to keep to themselves. I haven't found one yet so I'm just assuming portals are introverts who want to hide from everyone.

Thus why you need a dragon to escort you there. Just...make sure he's not a miniature Smaug who wants to burn down villages, okay?

Well, if he's cute then it's fine.

5.) They give you bragging rights.

How many people do you know with a pet dragon? Yeah, that's what I thought. So once you get one, you can carry it around wherever you go just to show how sophisticated you are. It works every time.

6.) They can help you write.

If mischievous squirrels are messing with your novel, dragons have been proven to be the number one best way to chase them off. They're also highly skilled in typing. But they tend to put on the caps lock all the time soooo...yeah. Caution is advised.

But they have mostly fabulous ideas so it's worth the risk.

7.) They come in a variety of colors.

Which means you can find one to match your outfit. How cool is that? They can also live in your bathtub if you don't have space in your bedroom. Well...certain kinds can, at least.

Like that one. Aqua dragons are fun and don't mind living in bathtubs.

8.) They're experts at making s'mores.

Much more effective (and less time-consuming) than a campfire, trust me. Just put the marshmallow on the stick, bring in your dragon, and let it do its thing. Dragonfire s'mores are 1000% cooler than regular s'mores.

9.) They're portable.

You can take them with you to the airport, mall, farmer's market, library...basically anywhere as long as you smuggle them in your backpack. This is assuming you have a small dragon, which of course you do because big ones might burn down your house. They have significantly more firepower, unfortunately.

However, with the small ones, you can easily take them around wherever you go. Since some people are actually afraid of dragons (pssh, what's to be afraid of?), I recommend keeping them in your backpack when you go out. Unless you're trying to show them off to your friends or keep them as a bodyguard. In which case, they can perch on your shoulder.

10.) They can be your bodyguards.

As I mentioned above, you can also use your dragon as a bodyguard. If someone's suspiciously eyeing your food, you can always threaten to unleash your pet dragon on them. That should deter any food-snatchers.

Well, are you ready to get a pet dragon? OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE. I have just given you ten completely valid reasons for owning one. 

So what are you waiting for? GO GET THYSELF A DRAGON.

*bows out regally*


*applause*  Thank you so much, Mary!!!  I think we all want a pet dragon now (if you didn't before you read this).  I'm convinced.  I need one.  Anyone else?  Who's with me?! 



  1. This was such a fun post!! I've never actually thought about owning a dragon, but now I can see how very useful one would be. That s'mores bit! Haha. Love that. :) Excellent post, Mary!

    Oh, and hi Morgan! Obviously I just found your blog through Mary's. ;) You have a lovely little place here. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts when I have time. :)

    Funny story...when I saw your picture you looked SO familiar, and I said to myself "I've seen her before!" And then I put two and two together and realized that I'd seen you on your mom's blog, To Love Another! (When my family was in the process of adopting I used to read your mom's posts trying to get an idea what it would be like to adopt older kids.) I had no idea you had a blog, though. This is really cool! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Hi Miss March!! Thank you! Welcome to The Day the Lord has Made!! :)

      O MY GOODNESS!!!! What a small world!!! This is so cool!!! :D WOW! It's so nice to meet you, Miss March!!! :D

    2. Oh, I KNOW! I was so thrilled when I made the connection!!! :D It's awfully nice to meet you too, Morgan!!! :D

    3. Ahhhh, so glad you liked it! Hehe, I persuaded you then? They are extremely useful, especially in the culinary arts. *nods emphatically* Got get thyself one!

      Thanks so much for your comment, Miss March!

  2. ACK I LOVE THIS! I need a teeny dragon - NEED. I just love all of this *flails*. And the PICTURES! *loves this post so much* I think the Aqua dragon was my favorite picture - though it might have been the first dragon XD.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Asddldjfls THANK YOU!!! *flails with you* I like the aqua dragon one, too, but it's much too trying a task to pick ONE favorite. HOW ABOUT ALLLLLL THE DRAGONS?

      So thrilled you liked my posts! *twirls*

  3. THIS POST IS EVERYTHING. I mean obviously because DRAGONNNS. I've been saying I'm getting a pet dragon since, like, I was born. So. Yes. JUST GIMME ALL THE DRAGONS.

    We're such brain twins, Mary! I've totally had some of these exact thoughts. I've even threatened someone to not touch my books because I had a pet dragon protecting them! Not even kidding. I'm just so generous like that. XD And I have proven fact that dragons make you write better, since my writing muse IS a dragon. *nods, nods* I'd also love a bodyguard. I do not share food. Nuh-uh. Mine!

    This post was the greatest! You girls are so much fun.

    1. Haha! SAME, GIRL, SAME. Pet dragons = a necessity of life

      Have you really? That's hilarious. XD I love how alike our brains are! Yep, dragons are so useful. :D

      Awww, thank youuuu! Glad you enjoyed. ^_^

  4. When I get my dragon, I think his name shall be Denny☘️