Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blogger Recognition Award

My friend, Miss March tagged me for the Blogger Recognition Award!  Thank you so much!

-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Tell a little bit about how you started blogging.
-Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
-Nominate 15 other bloggers.

                                                             Why I started my blog

I stole this from my post, Reasons to Start a Blog.  I think it pretty much sums it up.

" For me, I started a blog just because. I don't think that I really knew what I was going to do with my blog.  I think I was leaning towards a fashion blog.  You can read my first post here."

Fashion blog, craft blog, whatever I was thinking back then, I don't really remember.  I did have a blog before that.  It was for the felt dolls I made, but I only did a couple posts.  Eventually, I just deleted it.  As for this blog, I think I just did it mostly because I wanted to. :)

As for advice, I think I am going to be sounding pretty cliché. 

                                           Advice #1  Write what you want to write about.

Write what you want.  Just go crazy if you want to.  Don't try to impress anyone or fit into someone's mold.  You are your own person, you are exactly the way God made you to be.  So don't try to write like someone else, or do all the same posts that someone else is doing.  Just be yourself.  And that right there sounds cliché, but it is so true!  If you love a crockpot of stuff like; movies, books, writing, fashion, crafts, music, animals, photography, painting...whatever it is.  If you have passion about it, it will show up in your writing.  And you don't have to focus on just one thing, write about whatever you want!  Maybe this week you watched a movie that you loved and write a review for it or just saying how it made you feel. Then next week you want to share a recipe you love...whatever the case, do it.  This is your blog, your expression zone, so to speak.  So don't be afraid, just have fun with it!

                                                        Advice #2 Don't worry about it.

Don't worry if you don't have a ton of followers, or you don't get any comments on a post, or even about how many views you get. Even if you have only two readers, your not going to stay at just two.  Keep going, and don't worry about it.  If you find you are comparing yourself to another blogger, just give it all to God.  You are not that person, and they are not you.  God loves you just the way you are.  If you want more followers and such, pray about it.  And start following and commenting on other peoples blogs as well.  Just don't worry about it.  Have fun with your blog, and make it uniquely YOU.

So I am going to end this with breaking one of the rules.  I am not going to be tagging 15 bloggers.  But if you would like to do this tag, please do!  Thanks again, Miss March!!! :D  And thank you to all of you for reading my lil blog!  You all mean so much to me. <3


  1. Oh, yay! This was some great advice, Morgan! Thanks so much for filling this out. :)

    What you said about not having to focus on just one subject, but being able to write about whatever you want. I like that. :D And the bit about not worrying. *ahem* I hate to tell you how much I need that advice sometimes. :P

    This was an excellent post, Morgan! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on blogging with us! :D

    1. Thank you for tagging me, Miss March!! :D

      Thanks! Me, too. Advice I need to remember myself! ;)

      Thank you so much, Miss March!! :D